Ayplast Petrochemical, which maintains its leadership in the sector and aims to go further every day, gained a great value in the eyes of its customers with its quality and competitive price understanding. As a business partner of many companies in Turkey and abroad, Ayplast is continuing its production with its colleagues who are doing business and specializing in the field.
Ayplast Petrochemical serves its valuable customers with its customer-oriented working principle and 170 employees since 1974 with its standard and customized packaging solutions in a production area of ​​7,500 square meters. Our company, which focuses on plastic packaging production, has a wide range of products with its knowledge and experience, also specializes in every product it produces and keeps quality always in front.


We believe that our values ​​enhance our quality and improve our customers' experience. We are targeting a long-term business association through our favorable price policy. Ayplast Petrochemicals team, which has always promised to serve you well and is devoted to observing the interests of your company, offers fast, practical and quality solutions to its customers. We aim to leave our natural resources safe and sustainable for future generations with our disintegrable plastics manufacturing in the countryside.