We pollute our world with thousands of tonnes of plastic waste per day, and these wastes remain in our homes for centuries for centuries, unless they are collected from nature to be destroyed.
As AYPLAST we strive for the disappearance of nature and we produce nature-friendly products.
Oxo-Biodegradable products have 100% solubility in nature between 12-24 months according to the student. This process can occur on land, at sea, in light, in darkness, on hot or cold conditions. They do not leave any harmful waste or gas behind these fragments and disappear spontaneously over time without harming the environment.
When the Oxo-biodegradable bags are produced, add the required amount of pro-degradant additive. This breaks the chain of molecules and causes the product to spontaneously disappear when its life is over.
When the product reaches the level of degradation, there is no difference from biodegradable wastes. For example; Like straw and branch fragments.
With our oxo-biodegradable additive products, which are supported by the certifications that can be offered if requested, we expect our valuable eco-friendly customers' requests.